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Welcome to the Finca, situated in the countryside near Crevillente with panoramic views of the mountains of Campillo.

I work with wellbeing for body, mind and soul.

The Finca provides retreats,  work-shops, classes, excursions and a lot more.

I only just started in January 2019 and I have had some good retreats during the spring! The reviews are fantastic and people say its the feeling here, the food, the discussions and the family feeling that really blows them away. I am soo happy about that! The Finca just works so perfectly with all the "hang areas", the pools, the rooms and all. It seam it was built for this.

The yoga is very important to me and I try to follow the groups intention. When we ride, its the same, I follow how people feel and want the ride to be, fast or just slow and really safe! I have the Riding instructor degree, so I never put people at any risk.

All our meals are homemade and focus is on organic, whole meal food. I also serve beer and wine to the food. I have a minibar with drinks and snacks at low prices for your comfort in between the meals. Never go hungry.

I offer cooking lessons too! Every day before dinner, you attend and watch and learn or help out!


Join the half-day yoga retreat including a lovely homemade lunch.  45 €

I do a 3 day/night yoga retreat. Full board 415-545 € depending on season, shared or single room.

Riding and yoga retreats is also available. Full board from 545 -615 € depending on season, shared or single room.


Are you looking for accommodation for your excursion, ask for a suggestion.

Are you planning for a corporate conference, kick-off or teambuilding – A wedding or an anniversary, give us a call and ask for a quote.


I have many options to meet your dreams for a day, a trip or a party..


Call me or send an email.


Just around the corner from me:

Arabic well known Tea house (well worth a visit and is an option in the retreats, entrance not included)

Alicante/Elche Airpot

LÁjub shopping center, Elche

Beaches (We do one day at the beach with yoga, with optional lunch at the beach, not included)


The mountains

Yoga retreats

Book your retreat with us! Just send an email to info@annicaflemingyoga.com, and we shall soon answer!

Do you want to organize it yourself? Come with your friends. Or come with your company for conference and kick-off. We do it all! Just give us a call!

What a lovely place! I will come back. The Finca IS magic!


We will get back to you!


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