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I now start our blog. Welcome to follow the winding road to start the retreats at the finca situated at the beginning of the beautiful mountains! We, me and Pete,  moved in here januari 31, 2018. The renovation has been going on since October 2017. And believe it or not, it will probably go on for a couple of months, or year.. Everything takes time here in Spain. So much more than anywhere else. Everything is a struggle. But we just accept the fact and little by little, or poco a poco, get closer to the finishline!

Plans are to start in october 2018, with Yogaretreat. After that we shall try some workshops and also seek more interesting collaborations.. We will start with 10 beds in 5 dubblerooms. We have TWO big pools, one to swim in, 13 meters, and one to dive in, 4,5 meters of depth.

We have an outdoor kitchen with a marvelous pizza/baking oven, and plenty of places to just relax on and enjoy life.

From our Finca, we go on a beautiful road thru wild palmforests to the beach La Marina, El Pinet, in 25 min to enjoy white beaches and a lovely Meditereian see.

We have nearby, an Arabic famous tea house, Carmen del Campillos, where we can go on evenings and enjoy a spectacular environment and drink tea.

In our nearest town, Crevillente, we can walk and look at some of over 1500 cavehouses.. take a tapas and a drink in the narrow streets and enjoy the spanish life.

Once we started, we shall build the rooms in the retreatarea, where we will have 6 dubblerooms, shared showers and toilets. Also in that area, we have a big classroom for yoga or theoretical classes. On top of this big house, the roof is an yoga platform, with a fantastic view over mountains and the landscape in front of us down to the sea.

In June 2018, we had builders coming that helped us with the poolarea. They was stoning walls and Annica has been painting the houses and sewing. The house is ready to live in, it will be painted indoors in august when the heat comes and we close the doors, put on the airconditioning and paint! We will work outside with the pools and the patios until it is too hot..

Meanwhile, lots of people show interest in the finca and we have started to initiate contacts with people we want to work with.

We have met with and we hope for a prosperous collaboration with them in the spring 2019 with courses in Freediving, Mermaide courses and a try out for YoDI which is Yoga and Diving in a lovely mix.

Yoga girls from Sweden, Its Yoga Samadi,  met with Annica to discuss future business, so we feel that things are starting to move now. A retreate is planned sometime in ocotber to begin with.

Annica is slowly working with this Homepage.. it is not easy, but probably a good idea to do it yourself so you easily change photos and information as we go along. Please be patient with me!



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