First retreats are done!


In the end of January, over a year after starting the renovation, we had our first retreat! With real guests that booked on The retreat was 4 nights and 3 days of activities.

We did go to the beaches of Costa Blanca for yoga two mornings because the weather was so lovely! We did yoga on the roof of the yoga house all styles, kundalini, ashtanga, yin and restorative together with meditation and pranayamas. We also went to the tea house for arabian cookies and tea which is a lovely experience and hard to describe, must be seen!

Retreat number two was run a week after, and this was with yoga and horse riding. Two lovely guests from Ireland came and we did yoga in the mornings on the roof and went after lunch to El Rancho for riding in the natural park of Torrevieja. This park is surrounding the Pink Lake fo Torrevieja and the views over it is beautiful. We ate good food (again) and Pete got so much cred for being such a good chef!

So, with this said, we are now up and running. We have som nice retreats coming on later in the summer, with free diving and mermaid camp, yin yoga retreat run with my friend Madeleine, possibly a boot camp, more yoga retreats with guest teachers and of course, our own retreats that will run the whole spring.


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