The first six months….

Since January 2019, we started the retreats here. We have had bookings from facebook, the website and from

I was blown away that people actually want to come to me and yoga, ride and spend time here. I know it is my dream, and I do believe in dreams, but this!!! It is working.

The first retreat in January, we had one guest from Ireland, and some guests locally form Torrevieja region. Ther ewas also a lovely volonter here from USA helping out. He painted the big house to the very last day.. Wonderful and thanks Maury!

We planned the menu, we cleaned and fixed the rooms and finally started to buy all the food and drinks.

And then, it all began. It was so much fun to explore how well all the plans just came true. The food worked. The yoga worked. Transfers, the social part.. everything just clicked. Our first lovely guest Liz from Ireland was just the best first real guest we could have wanted. Love you Liz!

Retreat number two was with horses also. It was just as exiting and I was so nervous going to the horses and make this happen. But I did! And I made it!  The clients where happy and the horses where absolutely wonderful. I could not be happier.

As the spring came, we had more retreats, all went so fine and the confidence grew, that this is something that we can do! And it is the most rewarding thing you could ever do! I love meeting new people. I love to give from myself. I love to learn from others and to grow and explore new things within.

The BIG retreat came in June when Freedive UK came with 12 Free divers and Mermaids for certification and teaching. They used our Deep pool of 4 meters depth and of course the other one 13 by 8 metes so we had divers everywhere!

The yoga room was done, the bedrooms in the yoga shala and the bathroom was all done and all the rooms in the house where full.

They stayed a whole week and it was marvellous! We had food like barbeque, paella, pasta, homebaked bread and lots of wine and beer! It was a success and I can only thank for that week. It gave me so much insight and so much confidence in what can be done here at the finca! Bring it on!

I have had one sad experience though, cause just as everything was done and ready to really launch, my sweetheart Pete decided to move on in his life. This will not effect my work and the Fincas wellbeing, but of course it is sad to let go of someone.

The autumn and the rest of the summer is coming on great with more retreats and lots of booking from other yoga teachers that want to come here and run retreats. So, with that said… I AM HAPPY – my dream is coming true



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