About the retreat

Yoga Retreat Del Campillos will offer you a memorable stay with much reflection, communication, and help to get into the yoga spirit where you will combine body, soul and mind. I will have cooking lessons before dinner each day, where you study and help preparing.

The yoga style is mainly Kundalini and Medi yoga, which is a softer style, more of Dynamic meditation. All yoga is about breathing, finding your center and helping your body to heal from both out and inside. Im also certified in Ashtanga so we can work a bit physical too.

I have two dogs.

I will submit you with towels, shampoo, soap and all linnen of course.


What to expect

This will be a stay to remember. The yoga practice will be held as much outdoor as possible, so we will adapt the time for the sessions to suit the weather. I am a very good cook, so I also offer to study and help out to learn some good cooking before dinner.

You will be on top of a big roof overlooking the Finca, the mountains, sea, and infinite sky. This roof was made for drying dates, grapes, and other fruits and now you will do the yoga here. Should the weather require it, we are in the yoga room for the yoga sessions.

The program can be changed due to weather and or the group’s desires. All classes are optional but for a great experience, you should attend and use the time outside activities to relax and reflect. You may get friends with the other participants or just enjoy your life, here and now, and be grateful that you got the chance to do this.

When you stay here, you can also go on trips around the Finca. Experience Crevillente and see the over 1500 Cave houses built there, stroll in the old town and enjoy the small streets, or visit the Arabian tea house so near you can walk there. Its a bit like Alhambra, with flowers, birds and houses in true Arabian style and lovely tea to drink in a typical Arabian atmosphere. Also, you can go to the beaches of Costa Blanca, miles of white sand and blue sea. The winter may be a bit cold, but some of the guests swim all year round.

Welcome to the Finca in the mountains near Alicante!

The retreats

The retreats are all inclusive with boarding and meals. All drinks are included but snacks, fruit and drinks in between meals you can buy in the minbar with really low prices..

The rooms are all double rooms, with two single beds separated with book shelves for your convenience. We have shared bathrooms and toilets. You stay in the finca house or in the yoga shala bedrooms, with our kitchen and living rooms to spend time in with us all.

Flights to and from Alicante are not included.

Transfer from and to the Airport of Alicante is not included but I offer transfer at a low cost, 40€ one way daytime, and 60€ on way on early and late flights.

Other things to do

During the week we can all go one afternoon to the Arabian Teahouse close to us. Fee of 9 €.

You can borrow a bike and take a ride, or just walk up to the paths in the mountain.

Should you want to be more of a tourist, you can rent a car at the Airport to be able to go around yourself.


Yoga and riding retreat example schedule

We meet Friday afternoon / evening. Check-in time somewhere after 14.00.

18.30 first yoga session

20.30 We eat our first dinner.

Next morning and all mornings we have Breakfast buffet

Yoga and meditation class


Go to the horses and ride in the afternoon

Going back to the finca

Cooking lessons / help in the kitchen

Dinner at night. One night we will go to the Tea house for Tea or Dinner at night.

Check out time is Monday at 12.00.


The all yoga retreat example schedule

We meet Friday afternoon / evening. Check in time after 14.00.

18.30 First yoga session

20.30 We eat our first dinner.

Next morning and all mornings we have breakfast buffet

Yoga and meditation class, Mix ashtanga, kundalini, yin, dynamic meditation etc.

One morning we shall go directly after breakfast to the beach of La Marina and have our lunch there after yoga.

Lunch at the finca

Cooking lessons / Helping with cooking


One night we shall go to the Arabian Tea house for Tea 9 €.

Check out time Monday at 12.00

Available dates

You will find all details at this link:


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